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paganachd / paganacht

preserving what lives
reconstructing what was fragmented
remembering what had been forgotten

When it comes to online community, most of us have migrated to Facebook and private forums, and the community has been through a lot of changes since this website was first created. Many new people have joined us, while others have left or split off, with some people moving in very different directions from one another.

On Facebook you can find a number of us in the Gaelic Polytheism group. To join the discussion group, you must read the guidelines and then message us via the Gaol Naofa Facebook page, to let us know you agree with our guidelines and principles. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in the group. The admins of the GP group and a number of members of our community are also active in the Gaelic Polytheist organization, Gaol Noafa. The Gaol Naofa FAQ, also collectively-authored, builds on the foundations of The CR FAQ, but goes deeper into the specifics of the Gaelic traditions as preserved and practiced by the members of An Chuallacht Ghaol Naofa. There is also a private forum and newsletter available to members of Gaol Naofa.

In addition to the Gaol Naofa Facebook communities, we now also have a Gaol Naofa YouTube channel. We've made 13 videos so far, on topics like the four main Gaelic festivals, as well as local celebrations that only take place in some of the Gaelic-speaking areas, such as Hogmanay, Là na Caillich and Sheela's Day, and Saints' Days that have come to be marked primarily as secular, cultural festivals, such as St. Patrick's Day (and all the issues Irish polytheists face at this, erm, interesting time of year). We also have a variety of playlists for trad and modern Gaelic music, languages, humour, and other fun things that may be of interest.

We also occasionally post at Gaol Naofa on Twitter.

(We also have a livejournal community that was initially connected with this site, but it is inactive these days. It's still up if you want to go see what we were talking about around the time we published this.)

We should probably add that, while anyone is free to link to our site, as we say elsewhere in this FAQ, there are boundaries and limitations on what is considered CR. But we have no control over what people call themselves. There is no official social media group or page "affiliated" with this website. Please read what we have written here, and use your best judgement about any claims anyone might be making as to who and what they may be, as well as what they may be teaching or promoting. Slàinte Mhath

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